Ingot Pixiu + Money Ball Agate Bracelet 元宝貔貅+招财进宝金钱球 玛瑙石手链


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999 Gold: 6.25g +/-

Pixiu Size: approx. 28mm x 8mm

Bracelet: Bead diameter 12mm +/-

Uses: Auspicious gifting, birthday gift and etc.

*Design of the Pixiu will be varied.

Note: There will be deviations in manual measurement. The actual specifications are subject to the actual product.

Pixiu 貔貅 is a Chinese mythical creature that said to bring good fortune, wealth and protection to its wearer. When you wear a Pixiu bracelet, it is believed to attract money luck and protect its wearer from harm and wards off evil spirits.

For our Pixiu, we uses 3D Hard Gold which means it has the characteristic of high hardness, lightweight and strong wear resistance. 3D solid gold refers to a more three-dimensional gold with 99.9% gold content. It adopts a Hollow nano electro-forming technology, making gold into three-dimensional jewellery with more apparent colour contrast and different textures.

All Pixiu bracelets comes with agate beads, customisable to fit all wrist size.


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