916 Gold 5 Elements CZ Abacus 火 Charm 22K黄金+彩色锆石好运吉祥算盘系列


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916 Gold 5 Elements CZ Abacus Charm 22K+彩色石好吉祥算系列

916 Gold 5 Elements CZ Abacus Charm 22K黄金+彩色锆石好运吉祥算盘系列

Forever Gold推出好运吉祥算盘系列,以五行元素为设计理念,将916黄金与金、木、水、火、土五行所相对应的彩色锆石完融合。路路通算盘造型寓意财源滚滚,事事畅通圆满意。


Made with lustrous 916 gold, and sparkling coloured CZ stones which represent 5 elements.

Can jewellery and fengshui coexist? Our stunning 916 gold jewellery shines with a beautiful glow and is adorned with sparkling CZ stones.

Each piece symbolizes the perfect balance of the five elements. Our modern Auspicious Abacus is a unique and versatile accessory that complements any outfit for any occasion.

Suitable for all ages, it adds grace and allure to every step. The flawlessly crafted abacus beads are genuine and the moving beads offer a tactile sensation.

Explore the elegance, style, and fengshui in our Auspicious Abacus collection. It showcases our artistic skill and dedication.


Charm Size/ Weight:

916 Abacus Ball Charm With CZ

Size: 10mm (Height) x 0.8mm(Width)

Weight: 2.4 – 2.6g +/-


Package Content:

– 1 x 916 Abacus Ball Charm With CZ

– Exclusive Forever Gold & Jewellery Gift Box

– Forever Gold & Jewellery Invoice

*Please note that the rope bracelet ,gold necklace and agate sold separately.


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