How it all started?

It was the year 1936 when Mr. Lam Wah Kai, from China, set sail to Mersing (Malaysia) where he worked in a goldsmith shop till 1948.

Seeking a promising future, he stepped foot into the little sunny island, Singapore. In the year 1951, not only he met his wife, he also started his very own humble factory called Kim Keat Jewellery Factory Pte Ltd.

Mr. Lam was the first person in Asia to import Italian-chain machine directly from Italy itself. 

First Italian-chain machine in Asia | Mr Jason Lam (Mr WK Lam’s son) working on gold chain made from the machine.

Knowing this fact, Mr. Lam seized the opportunity. He begun studying on the machine, and came up with a self-invented machine that carves wedding bands.

When Mr. Lam passed away in 1994, his business was taken over by his wife and children.

Mr. Jason Lam, the youngest son, inherited good craftmanship from his father, decided to set up Forever Gold And Jewellery Pte Ltd, in memories of his late father.

And not forgetting his father’s teachings:

Be Honest, Be Truthful and Be Righteous

Mr. WK Lam and his youngest son, Mr. Jason Lam
Employees working on the new invented machine
A treasure passed down by Mr WK Lam, this antique weighing scale was used to weigh the gold back in the 1960s. It also represents fair and justice.

“Forever Gold is a gift of love and a memory that will last Forever.”

In Forever Gold, all our gifts are made of gold, and why gold?

Because Gold last Forever.

We aim to not only sell jewelleries, but also, meaningful festive and corporate gifts that would put a smile on people’s faces. Tailor-made gifts are also available to your own design.

Additionally, we carry a wide range of display ornaments / home decorative items that could bring out that spark in your comfort zone.